Bonnyrigg Parish Church
Bonnyrigg Parish Church


Snippets From The Manse

End of an era.......


For many years every Tuesday evening has offered the old fashioned ‘Vestry Hour’ where people catch up with the minister for all sorts of reasons. I have been monitoring this for some time and this year there have only been three occasions when people turned up to speak to me. So the time has come for it to end. Many thanks to those who came on board as my minder! They kept an eye on things when I had people in to see me. (Following an incident that happened many years ago). Anyone wishing to speak to me will now be by phone at the manse.


Noses up in the air!!


On Sunday 5th November early birds on the High Street were treated to a lovely smell of bacon wafting all over the place. This was due to the Church’s breakfast morning. The halls were full of folk between the services tucking in to bacon rolls. Our thanks to the Michelin Chefs and DJ Club for helping to serve. Another happy morning together.

Not been for a while?


Advent is a busy time for everyone as we lead into Christmas. It’s also a good time to reconnect with the church if you have missed out for a while. The theme for the whole month is on prayer......and prayer is as good a start for all of us during Advent.


Dull grey days........


Winter can produce spectacular weather, but we have those odd days of grey depressive skies. So why not pop in for coffee at the Pitcairn Centre and enjoy this year’s Christmas Display! Have a   blether and enjoy our warm halls.


This year.......


Has almost been a record breaking year for enquiries for the use of our halls a number of which we couldn’t accommodate as our diary is almost full. They are used into the middle of Saturday afternoons and yet another enquiry may take that further into the afternoon. The high standards of the halls speak for themselves.......long may we keep them that way!


Snippets From The Manse Part 2


Christmas Fair.............


This year’s on the day income was £ 2,990.....A BIG Thank you to all involved.


A Busy Time Coming up.......


Details of all the services over the next few weeks is available within this magazine.


Friendly Hour........


At a recent showing of ‘Old Midlothian’ one of the slides that popped up was of an old Lasswade Primary School class photograph when someone said, ‘that’s me sitting in the front row!!!’........Bill Paterson hasn’t changed a bit.......except for the grey hair!!.......apparently he was a tear-away........his words not mine!! This is not the first time people have spotted themselves when looking at local history.


Church Tour 2018.........


Next year’s tour took quite a time to sort out and at one point it looked like there wasn’t going to be one. However it all happened so quickly I had no choice, given 24 hours notice but to intimate it in the way I did. There is one coach going (49 seats taken) and there must be a minimum of 35 for a second and we are nowhere near that number. However, there is a reserve list should there be any call-offs. If you would like your name added please let me know. Some have already done so.


Church Tour September 2018


There will soon be a list available to see how many might be interested in visiting the Crich Tramway Village of which there is a cost involved. The more that go will reduce the price considerably. It looks a fascinating working museum to visit. Other places within range are Stratford upon Avon, Warwick, Shrewsbury. Glenton Travel I must add pulled out all the stops to make sure the tour was going to happen.


Please note.........


On Sunday December 17th 24th & 31st there is one service only at 11.00am. All will be back to normal from Sunday 7th January.

The Pitcairn Centre will also be back in business around that time.......grey clouds lifted!!!