Bonnyrigg Parish Church
Bonnyrigg Parish Church


Dear Friends,

                      As Christmas approaches I decided to leave the world aside and focus upon what this season of Advent and Christmas Day is all about. We know about the hype and glitter, the rushing around, the exhaustion and so it goes.



I cannot remember when I last stuck with the heart of a story that began with a journey to a little known town called Bethlehem. The family had to take refuge in cold surroundings as all the places to board were full. There was no other option. Mary and Joseph might have felt nervous as the birth of their child was imminent and as the story goes their child was born.



The child was to be called Jesus. But now the story becomes one of the most important events this world would witness. The cold and lifeless stable was to host a King! What! In a stable! No king deserves that kind of reception. But that is exactly what it was meant to be. When we deal with the will and purpose of God the scene shows exactly what Jesus would face during his time on earth. He would himself quote: foxes have dens, birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head. Jesus came down to our level, showing how we should relate to one another.



Christmas was the beginning of Good News, new life, joy and hope and our world is in need of hope at this time! As we meet over the coming weeks join us to share in that hope. Throughout December we will focus upon this gift and pray for the life of the Church. May people find their way to worship with us and convinced enough to journey with us. Let the Spirit of Christmas engage with our lives and as a family may we find peace in our hearts........for that’s what the real story of Christmas offers......Good News and New Life.

From all at the Manse