Bonnyrigg Parish Church
Bonnyrigg Parish Church


Dear Friends,

                       The Book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 reminds us that there is a time for everything. It captures the business of life in a few verses and is just as relevant today. However, it is the second half of verse seven that I want to draw your attention to………..a time to be silent and a time to speak.


When did you last take some serious time to be silent with God or speak to God? Time is also of the essence I am often told. People don’t have time to spend with God. Yet, if we go back to the time of Jesus it was paramount that he took time out to pray and then listen in silence which is a powerful experience as you listen for the still small voice of God.


Sadly, prayer often slips down the list and becomes a sort of emergency chord that is pulled when something goes wrong. The uncertainty of life catches us cold: things go wrong, leaving us focussed on the problem rather than focussed on God.


The recent events of the Easter story now take another turn as the disciples realise they have to re-engage with life following a short time behind locked doors for fear of their lives. However with the appearance of Jesus following the resurrection he breathed on them the Holy Spirit which was sign of something to come; the day of Pentecost.


The Holy Spirit remains the experience of Jesus with us. It is this sustaining power that helps deepen the gift of faith we need to deal with each day of our journey with him. And life can be tough! The disciples had to make a choice; either drift into the shadows or take up the call and trust in Christ. Prayer had to be central to their future as there was no other way………there is a time for everything and prayer is the source of our strength and peace within. When our faith is next tested may the power of prayer be our saving grace.


Yours in His name